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LAST UPDATE ON 08-10-2020

About Our Privacy Policy

Hello! Welcome to the TeoKids Privacy Policy.

At Teokids (owned and managed by Silanet Solutions) we are committed to guarding your privacy. Our apps have been developed with young kids and their parents in mind, while our website is meant for use by adults. At TeoKids, we take your privacy very seriously and this policy document aims to explain more about the kind of information we collect from you and how we use it.

In addition, TeoKids’s Privacy Policy outlines the Terms of Use that informs you about your rights and responsibilities, and those of TeoKids, when you are using our Apps and website.

If you are not in full agreement with the content of TeoKids’s Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use, please do not engage with our sites and services.

If you’ve got any queries or issues about TeoKids’s privacy practices, get in contact with us at

About the Information We Collect

TeoKids collects no personal data of the kid’s experience from its apps. As parents you provide TeoKids with the direct data we collect.

TeoKids does not collect any data about the user’s location, IP addresses or other user information.